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How to Get a Renovation Permit

renovation permit

Complete Guide on how to get a renovation permit When homeowners decide to embark on a home extension or a renovation project, they are more focused on choosing the right fixtures, type of materials to use on a project, type of finishes suitable and they forget the importance of a… Read more »

Benefits of Plastic decking

Plastic Decks

Benefits of Plastic decking A deck is a great addition to any property; it allows a homeowner to enjoy the outdoor living experience to the fullest. But certainly, there are few environmental parameters that any owner needs to keep in mind when designing a deck. One of the hardest things… Read more »

Patio Roofing

Patio Roofing Gold Coast

How to choose the best patio roofing Today, outside living is a part of lifestyle when weather allows; it’s why a lot of homeowners are adding a patio to their homes. It’s the only way you and your family can be able to enjoy nature as you rest or entertain… Read more »

contemporary patio designs

contemporary patio designs

A contemporary patio is often considered as an extension of an indoor living place, a place you can socialise with your family, friends, coworkers as you throw an outdoor kitchen and a dining set. So if you are looking for a way to transform your current outdoor place, think and… Read more »

Stylish patio design

Stylish patio

Importance of a well-designed Patio People loves stylish patio design nowadays, A few years back, a plain simple patio used to be just fine, but today patios no longer have to be simple, they need to be stylish. By stylish we mean they should be more than paving slabs; their… Read more »