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How to Get a Renovation Permit

renovation permit

Complete Guide on how to get a renovation permit

When homeowners decide to embark on a home extension or a renovation project, they are more focused on choosing the right fixtures, type of materials to use on a project, type of finishes suitable and they forget the importance of a renovation permit. This is a terrible mistake that can lead to costly expenses. The building code of Australia clearly indicates that renovation must meet certain basic requirements for health, safety as well as the structural soundness. The process to get the permit ensures that all your renovation plans are in line with all the regulation and requirement.


Does your renovation require approval?renovation approval

Fortunately, not all renovations require approval, but those renovations that involve changing the structure or the shape of your home definitely need approval. This means almost all additions, reconfiguration inside the house, installing new windows, and other structures like pergolas or carports must be approved. Small renovations that won’t necessarily require a permit includes putting up cabinets, replacing patios, or replacing small drywalls. It’s not to say all the little renovations doesn’t need a permit, painting the house exterior, replacing a roof sheet are some that require a council permit.


Renovation ProcessApplication process

The reason many homeowners do not neglect to apply for renovation permit has to do with the perception the process is proverbial, but it’s not. It might be a little difficult to get one, but you need to take it as an assurance that your building is not only safe but respectful to nature and the community as a whole. Therefore, rather than sidestepping the process, follow the right procedure and the set a good foundation for the future. The application process may vary depending on the type of work and the building certifier, but generally, there is some information you need to provide, for instance, the plans or working drawings. Typically you may need to lodge a DA (development Application) before approval. Keep in mind that if your plan doesn’t conform with the registration, the DA won’t approve, and you won’t be able to renovate until it is.


Who can help with the process?

The law allows you to obtain permit all by yourself, but you can ask for a builder’s, architect, draftsperson’s help since they will be more than willing to source the permits on your behalf. If however you go with the third part, you will be required to have a contract drawn up, clearly stating who will represent you.


What happens if I sidestep the permit?

If the renovation you are carrying out requires approval, and you have none the building certifier will issue a stop order and give you a grace period for you to get one. The stop order will be valid until you are approved and you have a permit with you. Sometimes you may be required to redo the entire project at your cost and in most case scenario you can be forced to undo the addition for good but of course, this will happen if you fail to comply with council codes. There are cases where you can find yourself fighting a lawsuit, or affecting an insurance claim that arises from renovations.

The process of obtaining a renovation permit may seem cumbersome, but it’s necessary; it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

Renovations that add value to your Home

Renovations that add value to your Home

Renovations that add value to your Home

It’s natural to want a renovation project, whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom, deck, or the entire house to be exactly the way you want, it’s why you are a homeowner in the first place. But it’s also important to look at little bit further. In future you would want to sell your house, so will the renovation you have made tight now hold their value, or will they be the reason you can’t sell your house at the market price?

In an attempt to convince you to do renovations that add value to your home, we have few tips that can help.


Don’t overspend or over capitalise

Many homeowners have a perspective that it’s the most expensive materials that will add the value of your home, but that’s not entirely accurate. The most important thingCut The Budget is to be strategic about your priorities. Get to know the buyers taste preferences, their budget, and compare your renovation plans with others in your area. Then present your property in a better way; a way that will reflect value than comparable properties. Small changes you make can have a significant impact, on the value of your home. Things like landscaping, or general gardening clean up, or re-turfing are some of the cheap things that can make the face of your property look warmer and welcoming.


Focus on the most critical areas or rooms

Focus on kitchen renovationBuyers will always have a look at the kitchen and bathroom first, and if it feels dated, that feeling extend to the rest of the rooms in the house. Experts will always advise that at least 1 to 5 percent of the value of the home should be used to renovate the most important rooms and places, and that is to say, the kitchen, the bathroom and the front and backyards. Again, you do not need to use, expensive or newest faucets or gargets; although this can be beneficial in one way or another; what is important is that you pay more attention to small details; the plumbing systems, the floor, the ceiling, counters, and the handles on the cabinets. Paint the areas that have faded paints, visible cracks or get rid of cobwebs and any pest that are likely to chase your potential home buyers away.



Do your renovation quickly

The longer it will take your renovations to complete the more likely cost you will incur. This means that before doing any renovation; you need to have a good plan. However, quick renovationthis doesn’t mean you should cut corners, or compromise the quality of repair materials because these will bite you on the back, instead, get professional advice, share your ideas with them, and then stick to your plan. Always invest in quality materials, because that’s probably your only selling point.

As the rule of thumb, a single dollar used on renovation should bring twice its cost, so whenever you begin a renovation project don’t overdo it, focus on the most critical areas and most importantly get help from a renovation company. Australia has a lot of companies that can help, at the time of your convenient, but be sure to pick a reliable one.

Benefits of Plastic decking

Plastic Decks

Benefits of Plastic decking

A deck is a great addition to any property; it allows a homeowner to enjoy the outdoor living experience to the fullest. But certainly, there are few environmental parameters

Plastic Decking

that any owner needs to keep in mind when designing a deck. One of the hardest things to consider during design is the material to use. Some materials are deemed to be the ‘King’ of decking materials, others have emerged and have gotten widespread acceptance, plastic decking being one of them. The forthcoming information addresses few things to keep in mind when considering a plastic deck.


What is plastic decking?

People usually confuse plastic deck board with composite deck, but these are two entirely different materials, so never mistake one for the other. First, a plastic deck board is fully synthetic, while its counterpart composite deck is semi-synthetic, which typically means it’s made by combining one or two things, specifically real wood floor. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages, and it all goes with your preference.

Their primary advantage of a fully synthetic deck is that they are stain resistance, they never cracks, or warp, or splinter, and among other things they are extremely dimensionally stable, so if you are the kind of person that requires a deck free of regular maintenance, then you have lots of reason to consider plastic deck. Keep in mind though that each decking materials have its disadvantages and so is plastic deck board.

Why you should consider plastic decking

Think appearance, availability and the installation details. Full synthetic decking has a better appearance than other materials leave along the low maintenance factor. There are lots of colours one can choose from, unlike the composites or wood that usually comes with two or three colours if not just one colour option. This means you can use them in almost any home. They are also very available which is why they are very popular among many homeowners and professional deck builders alike. In fact today, nearly half of the new residential homes is filled with plastic decks. Other than that, the installation is easy, doesn’t require finishing or any paint job. They also come in different sizes to complement your deck.

composite decking

As noted previously, however, they have their downside. They are usually designed as part of the whole system, which means installation has to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and most of the time this would mean purchasing unique fascia boards, special fasteners, and probably trim pieces.

Because there is no any wood fibre, plastic decking is immune to weather problems that encounter wood for instance, like moulds, or decay, but this does not imply that they are indestructible. Other furniture can scratch them, or even stained by wine left to bake in the sun. They can also fade with time, especially if you choose a dark finish. That’s why it’s very imperative that any homeowner weighs all the options. Luckily when it comes to fading, there are few renewal products that you can find on the market, and they can restore their look.

If you follow the instruction of the manufacturer’s, you shouldn’t have any problem with plastic decking. Also, you need to consider factors like the colour of the board, for instance, if the deck is located at a place facing the sun, think a lighter colour, because dark one have a reputation of being uncomfortably hot.

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Patio Roofing

Patio Roofing Gold Coast

How to choose the best patio roofing

Today, outside living is a part of lifestyle when weather allows; it’s why a lot of homeowners are adding a patio to their homes. It’s the only way you and your family can be able to enjoy nature as you rest or entertain your guests. But if you need to prolong the time to spend on your patio, you need to consider installing a patio roof. Many homeowners have overlooked the importance of a patio roofing system, but without it, you cannot protect yourself and your furniture from harsh weather. Other than that, patio roofing adds aesthetic appeal to the patio.Insulated patio Roofing

However, it’s not just about a roofing system; it’s about choosing the right roofing system for your home. To help you select the right patio roof for your home, we have compiled few tips that can come in handy.

Roof shape

It’s always important to think about the form of the roof you intend to use long before knowing about the materials that will work best for you. For instance, if your home has a gable roof, one with a triangular shape, then you might want to get patio roofing that mimics your home. But you still have other options; you can consider Skillion roofs. Skillion roofs are built with the end of the patio facing north to allow full entrance of natural light. It’s one of the simple shapes you can use; very modern. Some homeowners prefer flat shaped roofing especially in places with little rains, since they are a little traditional, functional and very economical.

Roof materials to use

There are wide varieties of patio roofing materials to choose from, ranging from wood shake, plastic, tile, and metal. Whatever materials you choose, make sure you pick one that can withstand dangerous elements and one that will work on the structural of your home and the patio. Wood, for instance, may provide a visually appearing roof, but will it handle your areas weather? Aluminium may be an economical option, tough and easy to maintain, but the question is, will it be able to provide the natural light you require? You may opt for a steel material, which also provides extra strength to your patio, but it will limit your design options. These are some few important things you need to consider before picking any patio roofing materials.

Purpose of the patio

Is your patio a primary area for living and resting, or will you use it for entertainments? If it’s not a general living place, you can blend the roofing with the statement you want to make. Equip it with lights, fans and misters. You may want to consider polycarbonate sheets that usually come in wide range of profiles. All in all, ensure that the roofing you choose matches the purpose of your patio, as well as the style of your house.

Don’t let your patio look like a stop-gap effort; create a place that will have long lasting effects on yourself and the people you love. Be creative when installing patio roofing and most importantly, get an expert to help you, it’s the only way you can increase or improve the value of your patio and your home in general.

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contemporary patio designs

contemporary patio designs

A contemporary patio is often considered as an extension of an indoor living place, a place you can socialise with your family, friends, coworkers as you throw an outdoor kitchen and a dining set. So if you are looking for a way to transform your current outdoor place, think and consider different contemporary patio designs to align with yourcontemporary patio home’s style.

There are quite a lot of these designs, but the most important thing is to plan before remodelling. Contemporary patios are used for different purposes, but generally, it’s a perfect place to entertain and relax, so because of this, try and figure out how the design you intend to use will impact the functionality of the area. What materials will work best for the remodel, will you need to uncover the place if it is covered or you just want it covered? Will you need a fireplace, or what barbeque grill will work best for you? What colours will complement you home style?


Materials to use for a contemporary patio

Materials dictate a lot when it comes to the overall style and the feel of your patio. So the material you need to choose should accurately reflect the general vibe of your home. But also think about your taste, does your taste lean toward traditional style or modern look? Stone paving is very popular, very durable and provides an elegant look to a house with modern style, for instance, Mediterranean houses. Brick flooring material will work well with traditional homes while concrete can work well in almost any home, regardless of its space or style.


What to incorporate into a contemporary patio design.

A contemporary patio should be simple, but you also need to use right additions. First, figure out whether covered or uncovered area will work best for you. Add some shades, but in a way, that sunshine will still be visible on the patio. Other than shades, consider a fire pit or fireplace if you intend to use your patio at night. Outdoor kitchen works best for daytime fun, either way; you must locate a proper eating and grilling spot. Good waterproof furniture, of course, will also be needed. You can also opt for a hot tub or pool, but that, of course, will depend on your budget.

garden gnome

Other decorations

Other than waterproof furniture, rugs, pillows and cushion, you can complement your patio with some flowers, around your patio. Add other accessories such as elegant bare branches tree, a bird feeder or a garden gnome. A punched tin and a glowing vessel can cast a magical luminescence, especially at night. Whatever additions you intend to use, just ensure they truly inspire you. When creating a contemporary patio, consider what colours will work best for you.

To get an impressive modern patio, you have a look at the varieties of design ideas available. Have an exceptional understanding of small details and styles and try as much as you can and figure out whether they will work best for your home style.



Stylish patio design

Stylish patio

Importance of a well-designed Patio

People loves stylish patio design nowadays, A few years back, a plain simple patio used to be just fine, but today patios no longer have to be simple, they need to be stylish. Stylish patio designBy stylish we mean they should be more than paving slabs; their layout and positioning has to provide you with an environment you and your family can enjoy, relax and spend time together. But that will also mean adding a little bit of your personality to the area. But, before you start to discover different stylish patio designs, you need to start with flooring materials that will create the perfect patio for your space.

Stylish patio flooring materials

About 80% of residential patios are made of wood boards, which surprisingly make its own impact on your yard appeal. But today, the situation is changing; there are other excellent and practical flooring materials to make your patio as stylish as you want it to be.

• Concrete- Concrete is very popular today; it’s affordable and can be designed to suit your needs, including adding borders that extend to your outdoor living space.

• Brick- Bricks has been used for years, they are easy to install, very durable and can make your patio match the look and the exact feel of your home.

• Flagstone- Stones are available in different pre-cut sizes, giving a natural elegant addition to your home. If installed right, they can create a rustic feel to your patio, making it appears like it was just there by nature. There are different ways you can suit it to your needs, but the main advantage is that it can complement any home.

• Veneer- veneer offers the same benefits as that of flagstone; the difference is it’s a little lighter.

• Bluestone- this is one of the beautiful hard wearing materials you can use to your patio, comes in varied shades, but they are quite expensive to install because they are basically quarried in Eastern U.S, so shipping cost does add a lot to their cost.

• Pavers – they are sleek and modern and very affordable. However they can only add an old world charm to your patio , but the good thing is they come in different styles and tone so you can just select the one that will suit your outdoor living place.

Adding personality to your patio

As noted previously, a stylish patio will mean adding a little of own personality in your area. That means having vibrant flowers to liven up space with colours, building unique whimsical structures and adding great durable outdoor furniture. You can also add some inexpensive accessories to create a perfect place you can relax with your friends and family.

Other than planting flowers, you can create a unique, stylish pattern with all the elements on your patio. Combine your favourite colours; just make sure they complement one another. Use pastel shades if you like soft and subtle, your patio will still look stylish in design.

There are quite a lot of stylish patio design ideas and the only way to discover all is to have an expert help you have a patio that is functional and stylish.





Selling or Renovating

selling your house

Thinking to Sell Your House?Sell Your House

We offer advice from our team at Symmetry building. By selling your property many people will experience the stress and difficulty of having to find a new property to purchase, or having build another property, which may not be a good option in such an inflated property market!

SOLUTION: Long term would you consider renovating or extending your home instead? Not only can a renovation offer a way to dramatically increase your house value, but can offer a fresh new property that you can enjoy.

As your property is one of your biggest assets you can be assured we will look after you as respected builders.

Our Symmetry team are Gold Coast builders offering a fresh perspective for your property future. Call us today on 0408982347