Benefits of Plastic decking

Plastic Decks

Benefits of Plastic decking

A deck is a great addition to any property; it allows a homeowner to enjoy the outdoor living experience to the fullest. But certainly, there are few environmental parameters

Plastic Decking

that any owner needs to keep in mind when designing a deck. One of the hardest things to consider during design is the material to use. Some materials are deemed to be the ‘King’ of decking materials, others have emerged and have gotten widespread acceptance, plastic decking being one of them. The forthcoming information addresses few things to keep in mind when considering a plastic deck.


What is plastic decking?

People usually confuse plastic deck board with composite deck, but these are two entirely different materials, so never mistake one for the other. First, a plastic deck board is fully synthetic, while its counterpart composite deck is semi-synthetic, which typically means it’s made by combining one or two things, specifically real wood floor. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages, and it all goes with your preference.

Their primary advantage of a fully synthetic deck is that they are stain resistance, they never cracks, or warp, or splinter, and among other things they are extremely dimensionally stable, so if you are the kind of person that requires a deck free of regular maintenance, then you have lots of reason to consider plastic deck. Keep in mind though that each decking materials have its disadvantages and so is plastic deck board.

Why you should consider plastic decking

Think appearance, availability and the installation details. Full synthetic decking has a better appearance than other materials leave along the low maintenance factor. There are lots of colours one can choose from, unlike the composites or wood that usually comes with two or three colours if not just one colour option. This means you can use them in almost any home. They are also very available which is why they are very popular among many homeowners and professional deck builders alike. In fact today, nearly half of the new residential homes is filled with plastic decks. Other than that, the installation is easy, doesn’t require finishing or any paint job. They also come in different sizes to complement your deck.

composite decking

As noted previously, however, they have their downside. They are usually designed as part of the whole system, which means installation has to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and most of the time this would mean purchasing unique fascia boards, special fasteners, and probably trim pieces.

Because there is no any wood fibre, plastic decking is immune to weather problems that encounter wood for instance, like moulds, or decay, but this does not imply that they are indestructible. Other furniture can scratch them, or even stained by wine left to bake in the sun. They can also fade with time, especially if you choose a dark finish. That’s why it’s very imperative that any homeowner weighs all the options. Luckily when it comes to fading, there are few renewal products that you can find on the market, and they can restore their look.

If you follow the instruction of the manufacturer’s, you shouldn’t have any problem with plastic decking. Also, you need to consider factors like the colour of the board, for instance, if the deck is located at a place facing the sun, think a lighter colour, because dark one have a reputation of being uncomfortably hot.

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  1. Braden Bills

    I don’t know what kind of decking to use. I didn’t know that plastic was so beneficial! I like that you can make it look like real wood. It would be a great way to make my deck aesthetically pleasing. I’ll have to give it a try!