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One of the greatest threats to your home’s value and safety on the Gold Coast is the damage caused by subterranean termites or ‘white ants’.

Termite Repairs Gold Coast

These pests often go unnoticed as they destroy and weaken your home from the inside out.

If left unchecked or treated the damage from termites can become astronomical. In extreme cases, the destruction can be so severe that the structure could be beyond repair.

Plus, damage caused to homes by termites is not typically covered by Australian home insurance. So, it’s up to you to ensure the protection of your home against the termite menace.

How to tell if your home has termites or is at risk of termites:

  • Mud shelter tubes – these can be found in the brick foundation or architraves of the house. Termites use these as protection.
  • Hollow sounding timber – this is a good indication they have begun to eat away at the wood.
  • Power failures – termites, are attracted to the warmth of the electrical fittings behind the walls.

Measures to prevent termites:

  • Have property inspected before making any purchase
  • Keep Termite bait stations around your home to allow for early detections of any termite presence around your house. Termite Damage Gold Coast

Unfortunately, even if you have already identified and removed the infestation of termites, the damage may have already been done. 

Repairing termite damage in your home is also a delicate process and requires the skilled services of licensed and professional builders.

And with over twenty years experience in repairing homes on the Gold Coast that have been ravaged by termites, there is not much Symmetry Building termite repair and building services haven’t see or rebuilt.

So you and your home are in good hands as we’re also fully licensed, insured and we guarantee our residential termite building repairs and service to you 100%.

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If you have or suspect there may be termite damage to your home on the Gold Coast, a FREE termite damage and building repair quote from Symmetry Building is the next best step for you.

Organising a FREE quote will remove some of the anxiousness, stress, and guesswork about how to solve any termite damage your home may have.

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