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Renovations that add value to your Home

It’s natural to want a renovation project, whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom, deck, or the entire house to be exactly the way you want, it’s why you are a homeowner in the first place. But it’s also important to look at little bit further. In future you would want to sell your house, so will the renovation you have made tight now hold their value, or will they be the reason you can’t sell your house at the market price?

In an attempt to convince you to do renovations that add value to your home, we have few tips that can help.

Don’t overspend or over capitalise

Many homeowners have a perspective that it’s the most expensive materials that will add the value of your home, but that’s not entirely accurate. The most important thing is to be strategic about your priorities. Get to know the buyers taste preferences, their budget, and compare your renovation plans with others in your area. Then present your property in a better way; a way that will reflect value than comparable properties. Small changes you make can have a significant impact, on the value of your home. Things like landscaping, or general gardening clean up, or re-turfing are some of the cheap things that can make the face of your property look warmer and welcoming.

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Focus on the most critical areas or rooms

Buyers will always have a look at the kitchen and bathroom first, and if it feels dated, that feeling extend to the rest of the rooms in the house. Experts will always advise that at least 1 to 5 percent of the value of the home should be used to renovate the most important rooms and places, and that is to say, the kitchen, the bathroom and the front and backyards. Again, you do not need to use, expensive or newest faucets or gargets; although this can be beneficial in one way or another; what is important is that you pay more attention to small details; the plumbing systems, the floor, the ceiling, counters, and the handles on the cabinets. Paint the areas that have faded paints, visible cracks or get rid of cobwebs and any pest that are likely to chase your potential home buyers away.

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Do your renovation quickly

The longer it will take your renovations to complete the more likely cost you will incur. This means that before doing any renovation; you need to have a good plan. However, this doesn’t mean you should cut corners, or compromise the quality of repair materials because these will bite you on the back, instead, get professional advice, share your ideas with them, and then stick to your plan. Always invest in quality materials, because that’s probably your only selling point.

As the rule of thumb, a single dollar used on renovation should bring twice its cost, so whenever you begin a renovation project don’t overdo it, focus on the most critical areas and most importantly get help from a renovation company. Australia has a lot of companies that can help, at the time of your convenient, but be sure to pick a reliable one.

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